1/8/2018 paripatra Hard Copy Issuing By Gujarat High Court

(1) Reservation of posts for women will be horizontal
   And women were selected on the basis of compartmental and merit
   Ical in any category even within reserved quota
   The calculation specified in clauses (a) to (d) of rule 2 shall be made
   As opposed to horizontal reservation for women inside it

   the explanation:
   (I) Horizontal and part reserved ie
   The relevant quota of posts in favor of women under
   Article 15 (3) of the Constitution of India
   Services and posts in relation to the affairs of
   The state that ical also joins the reserve.
   For more information about the peacock download the PDF
   (ii) tical reservation also means reservation in favor of the party.
   Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes
   Classes under Article (4) of Article 16 of the Constitution
   (2) Reservation of posts for women as per rules
   2 will be applied -
   (i) By filling the quota of the previously mentioned categories
   Sections (A) to (D) in order of merit 2;  And then
   (ii) Find the number of candidates among them
   Which belong to the respective reservation category and 1f
   The number of candidates in such lists is equal or greater.
   Number of special reservation quota for women, thereafter
   Will not be required for further selection
   Women's reserve quota only if there is fault
   Female candidates are required in any such category
   The number of women in such categories should be
   Will be deducted
   Candidates from below such relevant list
   3.3 This appears on the explicit study of the newly added rule,
   As mentioned above, if women have any reserves
   Categories, on their own merits, to be selected in the open
   Competition vacancies, they will be counted or counted
   Open competition candidates (general candidates)
   Horizontal purpose (special reservation).  Normal
   Gujarat Administration Department (GAD)
   Government Resolution issued on 01.08.2018
   Some issues / doubts arising from the application
   Special (horizontal) stores for women in public service and
   Posts related to state affairs.

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