TET 2 Pass umedvaro mate latest news report about tet.2 recruitment.

TET  - 2 bharati ghana samay thi na aavta tet.2 pass umedvaro have andilan ni taiyari kari rahya che. tet.2 ane tet.1 ni exam government dvara dar varse levama aave che. parantu bharati bahar na padti hovathi lakho umedvaro berojgar banya che.  thoda samay oahela tet. 2 babat monster sathe umedvaro rubru mulakat karva gaya hata pan tyare oan asvasan aapvama aavyu hatu.pass candidates will form a strategy today  Discussion on the planning of 1 fight in the morning of Ta-1 under pass planning - Gandhinagar at the old secretariat of Gandhinagar at the hour of  at the time of consideration candidates.  "There will be a meeting to formulate future strategies in this regard. 

The meeting will be discussed with regard to the recruitment of teachers," said representative of Tate-1 organization Hardev Wala in a conversation.  Due to the recruitment of candidates, the merit of the candidates will be high even though the candidates are unemployed.  In this case, only after completion of recruitment of Vidya Sahayak in the second phase, the strategy for conducting the examination for 1 will be discussed in the meeting.

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