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Articles of very useful information available to government employees. Types of pensions How to get a pension? If you need pdf to read information in Gujarati then you can download pdf and get pension information.

Types of Pensions ::-

(1) Deed of pension.  (2) Retirement pension.  General Chat  - Self.  Retirement 20 years - 25 years - Compulsory retirement (50-55 years review) (3) Family pension (employee dies) (4) Impaired pension (5) Mercy pension.  (6) Compensation pension.  (7) A pension or injury pension, (8) service graduation.  Pension calculation - Deferred service (58 years - 60 years - should have at least 10 years worth of service)
type of pension

Pension kevi rite chukavava ma aave che?

- Pension payment - The pension which is authorized by the office and the local fund office is paid first by the district treasury / sub-treasury.  - For which the concerned pensioner has to appear for the first time in the district treasury / sub-treasury.  - They are then paid monthly by the bank (according to the IRLA method) - At the first payment, the last pay certificate and non-checking certificate (excluding Form-22 death case) are to be submitted.  - Then every month the pension amount is deposited in the pensioner's account by the treasury office.  - When the pension is revised, the amount of difference is deposited in the pensioner's account by the treasury office.  • The pensioner has to submit a certificate of survival guarantee once a year (from July to September).  - Female pensioners below 50 years of age receiving pension have to give their certificate (Sample - 8) at the time of annuity clearance once a year - 15 years from the date of pension conversion when the employee who has converted the cash in the pension.  - Stored.  - New Enhanced Pension Scheme  The scheme is applicable to all Government and Panchayat employees who are appointed to the state government jobs after 01.04.2005.  General Chat Chat Lounge  Under this scheme, the state government contributes only the contribution of 10% of the salary + inflation allowance to the employee's monthly contribution.  General Chat Chat Lounge  The account number is allotted through the Pension and Provident Fund Director's Office.  - Its accounts also play this office.

- Family Pension (in case of death of employee) Pension: - FP.  50% of last salary up to seven years - FP - 2% of last salary after seven years Graduation: - Less than 1 year job = (Last salary + DA) * More than 1 - 3 years but less than 1 year job  General Chat Chat Lounge  = (Last salary + DA) More than 90 years but less than 1 year job.  = (Last salary + DA) Jobs over 20 years = (Last salary + DA) * Years of employment (Maximum 33 years - Maximum Rs.350,000 / disability pension: - subject to medical certificate, -  Pension is decided on the basis of service period and salary - This pension is not available if the employee is incapacitated due to irregularities and irregular habits.  This pension should be approved by the government when it is retired - the disability pension cannot be increased by 2/3 if it is discharged for the above reasons.  Compensation pension: - This pension is paid when you are discharged from the job for administrative reasons or on other low paid positions.  The option to accept and consider a previous job pensionable is given.

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