TAT bharati news. maths & science ma 1667 jagyao bharvama aavse by news report

Recruitment has been planned in the state secondary and higher secondary government and grant schools.  The recruitment of a commuter teacher and exercise teacher has been included in the secondary department after the last several years.  Recruitment will be filled at the highest mathematical science meeting in the secondary and standard 9 and 10 of the secondary section, while the standard 11 and 12 will have the highest number of seats in English while recruitment will be held on 3 seats in Sociology.
  Recruitment of Teacher after Diwali in Secondary and Higher Secondary School by School Commissioner's Office Recruitment will be on hand in the social sciences.  Government secondary schools will have recruiting seats in English, Gujarati in Hindi, Mathematics, Gymnastics, Sanskrit and Social Sciences.  Standard.  11 and 12 will be recruited for seating in the Granted Schools including Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Commuter, Economics, English, Geography, Gujarati, Hindi, History, Agriculture, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physical Education, and Physics.


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