AMC Junior Clerk Result declared

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC Junior Clerk Result 2019 declared. The term of the contract will be three years for the candidate who has been appointed in class and five years for the candidate who has been appointed in class Generally, the contract can be terminated by providing one month's notice or one month's pay notice with a fixed salary amount. No allowance will be payable on fixed fixed salary.  No such increase or increase in fixed salary will be available to the candidates who have been appointed during the term of the contract, inflation allowance, interim relief or other benefits of pay commission or other category will not be eligible.  But services for a three- or five-year term of the contract are considered liable for promotion, seniority, higher pay standard and retirement benefits at retirement
 Benefits of indoor service treatment will be provided at the municipal hospital during the term of the contract, but during the term of this contract, Dayan Medical Rick Mikhail will not be eligible to receive the service / service bonus provided during the three five year period of the contract.  T  C.  Any other financial benefits that are payable will not be eligible to be received by the municipal corporation. If the employee dies during the contract period, the payday pay of the period of duty paid by him will be payable to the family members of the employee, but other financial benefit.  Neither the job nor the compassionate benefits such as compassionate benefits will not be attainable.  |  Appointed Candidates - Employees of the same class?  The officer has to perform the duties which he has to perform.  For this, the time prescribed for the duty of duty in the office shall be as per the time prescribed.  Nor will he be able to work part-time in private practice or elsewhere.  If the public is called upon to perform the duty regardless of the requirement of the government, then the duty should be accordingly.  Will not be able to participate in political activities.  The nominating candidate will be entitled to 4 casual leave on annual basis during the contract period. Female employees will be entitled to maternity leave as per the rules of leave.  According to the policy of the other leave fix payer), the money is the opinion of the candidates nominated for the period from time to time as per Sir Cuellar.  Any holiday other than that will not be attainable.  In addition, if absent from duty, the wages deducted on the day of his attendance will be deducted from the fixed pay and the same period of deduction will be extended.  The appointing candidate shall be required to reside at the workplace.  And the authorized officer, headquarters cannot be left without permission.  The job will be terminated at any time without notice to any unsatisfactory work or disorderly or irregularity of attendance during the term of the contract;  Business tax deductions must be deducted from the fixed salary.  Municipal Corporation shall have no liability whatsoever for any propaganda of the propriety or civil action in respect of the municipal corporation service which he has served during the appointment.  General Chat Chat Lounge  Persons appointed by contractual higher wages shall not receive any right to be included in the Municipal Corporation Establishment.   is, that the above is acceptable to the person appointed by India, along with the affidavit to issue an affidavit in the correspondence form One of the candidates nominated for this job during one or two years.  It will have to be done by the end of the year.  And will continue for the rest of the period only if the employee is found to be fully satisfied.    If three or five years of service / loan of a candidate who has been appointed under the scheme is satisfactory, then they will have to be given regular appointment to the minimum salary in the regular salary standard of that cadre, even if after three or five years the full salary norms will be automatically changed.  , But this appointment will be considered his permanent appointment and will be subject to the rules at that time.

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