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Preparations for appointing regular education assistants to the place of tourist teachers in the secondary and higher secondary schools have been started by the education department of the state government.  But if recruitment rules are changed after a long period of recruitment, many candidates are feared to be unfair.  In North Gujarat, more than 5 unemployed are sitting on the sidelines looking to become teachers.  
The government has made preparations for recruitment but the rules will change The job opportunities for the candidates who have been suspended since the elections are gone.  From the year 1, the government started recruiting education assistants in government-funded schools.  But even if there were not enough candidates in Rajp, one solid fact must be acknowledged that the government has made it mandatory for teachers to pass the Tat and Tat, examinations, and now it has become a thing of the past.  Only the brightest candidates have qualified for becoming a teacher by passing the exam.
It is welcomed that the government is recruited on the basis of transparency in the recruitment process, but no candidate is ahead in the merit and, but he does not have good teaching skills, which is likely to deter future education of the schoolgirls who are appointed.  Because of the hiring of employees who have been hired earlier in many schools, they should also study how such congregations and principals are experiencing distractions.


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