2018 to 2019 All Gujarat Paxik Summaries.

Information on various government schemes etc. is available through Gujarat Information Department. This information is very useful for Class 3 examination and Level for large exam.All incoming officer level exams like Assistant Tribal Officer except Deputy Mamlatdar It will be very useful for exams. Gujarat and talkies are being published by the Gujarat Information Department. Religion is taken out of issue and talkies are implemented.

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Administrative demeanor and schemes, and commuter zeros knowledge, yet many women sarpanchs have worked diligently to unite women, except for women who came to politics as exceptions. Nauruti Devi comes first in the women who have lost their strength in the development of the villages. Nauruti Devi, who worked for illiteracy and pelting stones, was suffering from discrimination against women in women's salaries in Harmada village in Rajasthan.

 Despite rebelling against several contractors, the village educated (Mai asked to file a petition in the Supreme Court. With the help of several people) they filed petitions and won after a long battle, and the government made a law to pay women equal pay in the workplace. Due to this incident, Nauruti Devi, who made the diamond, made the village sarpanchs. At this stage, he learned to operate a cooter. In addition to the Health Center, a Kisan Workers 'Association was set up for farmers' questions. Fight against and paradise his small village

 Is is knocked down. Created the goddess I. Later, the law of practice of minimum tract standard for Sarpanch came into being so they could not become Sarpanch for the second time but their tuition education continues today. OiA | Take a look at Rajiv Raj, a picture of Oda village in Rajasthan. Vijay Jit became the youngest woman sarpanch at the age of six. Hi. But completed this graduation at Shriram Lady College in Delhi. From this Pune. B. a . Did the job and took the Times of India to the village and Airtel, but when he heard about the poisonous water problem of his hometown village, Air 1 became this restless. In front of his eyes, people are dying. When it comes to living with it. He decided that he would leave his corporate job Kyo Jaro and go to the village and do something for the benefit of the village with the help of government and corporate sector chariots. When all the beads came to the village, he realized that nothing could be done for him without becoming a sarpanch. In this regard, Chhavi spoke to the people of the World I and built the trust of the people and won the election in the next silent elections. As a sarpanch, the glamorous lights of the hobby viva bride

Mahil Kalyan and De Hua. He revived the four village lakes and once again provided clean drinking water under the waterline. Managed their roads and electricity. Opening a Bank Program by Seeking State Bank Insights, See the Summary of Cheap Grain for the Poor. Distribution started. Although some men became humble in Havana. Do not leave any effort to put the bones. It was not tolerated that a girl who is established today can carry three nadis through developmental work in the village, but the fans were more than the opponents of the image. So for the second time, Kale became the sarpanch. 

Leaving his salary of Rs. Currently planting, Cooter Training Center's well job jobs are at the top of its priority line. All members of the village are women in Panchayat village of Vyara taluka of Tapi district of Cutter. Women Sarpanch Minabahin is doing a great job together with his staff without being corrupt. Self Help Deputy Nari Chup, established under the World Vision India Scheme along with Kare, has already trained and trained these sisters for leadership. Under the guidance of this group, they decorate the II Eating of Development

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