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There were many questions about the activism of women when it was decided to grant one-third reservation to women in the five laws of the Panchayati Raj, but in the last decade, the functioning of women has changed the condition and direction of the villages. The women sarpanchs who were merely dismissed as puppets or rubberstamps are now playing a fundamental role in transforming the country. 

In India's villages, more than 1 lakh women are active in politics and of them, about one lakh are Sarpanchs, most of them active. It is not a proxy for Puppet, Burstamp and Husband. Not only the educated but the uneducated female sarpangs are finding that they can do a lot for the development of their area. One and a half and positive measures of these price sarpanches have also made people jealous against exploitation - Kurivajo hegemony, discrimination - illiteracy. According to the World Bank's Development Report, there are women in India's panchayats who are clean

Water, sanitation and female violence are down. Not that this job was easy for them. Wino was against social familial obstacles, lack of knowledge of politics, 

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