1st october thi SBI bank na nava niyamo lagu thase news

Some rules of the State Bank of India (SBI) have been amended from 1st October.  NEFT, KharTGS by Beck.  Changes to the rules, including monthly minimum balances and free tannery, are implemented from the first row.  SBNai Mah will not be able to deposit money in the account votes after certain limits, only three times a month from SBI's Mahila or first clients in his account!  Can be deposited in cash and deposited for the fourth time or more, up to Rs.  50% and 12% GST will be charged.  From 1st October, the minimum balance in SBI's branches in cities is Rs.  5000 is reduced from Rs.  3000 will be while customers in semi urban branches |  Rs.  2000 and at least Rs.  Balance must be maintained in 1000's.
Separate charge for checkbook will also be charged separately by the bank for the checkbook. From October 1, every customer of the bank will receive a checkbook containing 10 checks.  Then for a checkbook containing 10 yak, Rs.  For a checkbook containing 40 plus GST and 25 checks, Rs.  75 plus GST will be charged.  In case of a check bounce, it returns Rs.  150 plus GST charge will have to be paid.  The rates of NEFT and RTDS Nationtechnical Fund Transfer (NEFT) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTDS) will also be revised.  Rs.  10, up to Rs.  2 plus |  GST and Rs.  For the NEFUT amounting to more than Rs 1 lakh, you will have to pay many GST.  In RDS, Rs.  For the work of over 5 lakhs, Rs.  47 plus GST will have to be paid. - info by news report.

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