State government reverses decision on Navratri, special report for residents of flats or societies

 The Gujarat Government is often seen changing its decisions regarding Navratri.  The state government had earlier reversed the decision in the Prasad case and is now reversing the Police Permission case.  The state government has banned Navratri and Diwali festivals in the state.  But now a big news is coming.  Police sanction is not required in the society in Navratri from now on.  Police approval is no longer required for Navratri Pooja-Aarti.  But it is mandatory to seek police permission in public places.

 It may be mentioned here that the state government has decided that during Navratri, the residents of flats or societies will not need to get any police approval for Mataji Puja-Aarti in their place or premises.

 During Navratri, police approval has to be obtained for Mataji's Aarti-Puja program in public places, roads and public places.

 Ahmedabad Police Commissioner's announcement for Navratri announced on Thursday:

 Counting hours are now left for Navratri.  That's when the bad news came for the players.  Because of the Koro epidemic this year, police have not been allowed to organize party plots, street-garba.  According to the announcement made by Ahmedabad Police, only Mataji can be established and Aarti can be performed in Navratri.  It will also be important to get the approval of the local police.  Especially in a society, no more than 200 persons can gather at the time of Mataji's founding ceremony or Aarti.  It will also be necessary to follow social distance in Aarti.  Police will take strict action against those who do not observe social distance.

 Legal action in case of violation of guidelines:

 Corona's cases are currently being seen across the state.  Seeing this, especially this year, the police will keep an eye on all the societies and the public Navratri program.  It will also take legal action in case of violation of guidelines.  It is important to complete the distribution of Aarti and Prasad in closed packets during Navratri within an hour.  It is mandatory for everyone to follow Corona's guideline following each upcoming festival.  Public functions for Dussehra and Durga Puja will also not be held this year.  No such programs will be allowed by the police.  Even during Navratri 2020, if such programs are reported to the police, immediate action will be taken.

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 🔹See the guideline issued by the state government

 ▪️There will be no planning in the containment zone

▪️ Permission must be obtained from the local police station.

 ▪️There must be a distance of six feet between two persons.

 ▪️One hour will be allowed for Pooja Aarti.

▪️ Idols and photos cannot be touched during Pooja or Aarti.

 ▪️Open prasad cannot be given, package prasad has to be given in packet.

 ▪️People distributing prasad must wear the necessary thermal scanning, and an oximeter to wear masks and gloves.

 ▪️Pan masala cannot be consumed in public.

 ▪️Young children and the elderly must not be present.  The idol cannot be dismantled.

 ▪️Ravana Dahan, and Sneha cannot be reconciled.

 ▪️It will be necessary to do foot print or even round to stand in Aarti and Pooja.

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