In this scheme of post office, earn 5 thousand rupees a month sitting at home! Learn the whole process

No matter how many plans the post office has, it is considered safe for investment.  In which there is no risk of any kind.  If you are looking for a fixed income without any risk, you can also make room for investment in post office schemes.
So there are many post office schemes where you can invest.  There is a similar post office scheme called Monthly Income Scheme.  This is a scheme where your earnings can be good.  In which if you open a joint account, your earnings can be doubled.

 If you have a single account in the Monthly Income Scheme at the Post Office, you can invest up to a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh.  So if you have a joint account on this side, this investment can be doubled.

 So you can invest up to Rs 9 lakh.  If you invest Rs 4.5 lakh, the post office is currently offering 6.6 per cent interest on the scheme.  On this basis, if you invest Rs 4.5 lakh, you get Rs 29.25 as interest for the year.  If you invest Rs 9 lakh, your annual return is Rs 58,500.  If you divide this return on a monthly basis, you will get Rs 4,875.  So you are getting a monthly income of about 5 thousand rupees.

 If you do not want to take Rs 58,500 per year, you can leave the account and earn more money.  In which you can take advantage of compound interest.  Add 606 per cent interest on Rs 58,500 and Rs 3,861 in income. The total amount is Rs 9,62,361.

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