TET. 1 bharati Government Teacher recruitment todays good news report.

12,344 teachers in Government-sponsored educational institutes, which provide education to Gujarat tomorrow from standard-1 to graduate level.  Professors will be recruited.  Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama on Wednesday announced to start the process immediately after Diwali.  3000 Education Assistants in Primary Education, Secondary - North  Mother  There will be a total of 12,344 recruitment of 7518 education assistants and 1826 M of various cadre colleges in higher education.  Saying that, the Education Minister said that recruitment has been organized after certifying the new poster register with the implementation of 10 per cent reservation of the economically weaker backward class EBC.  The recruitment process will start after Diwali for vacancies filled with fixed pay.
In the government and grant secondary education institutes, the process of recruitment of 3 education assistants was made in the last year, only 3 were appointed in the field of education.  Higher education was last enrolled in Year 7.  Instead of filling the vacancies of teachers teachers in educational institutions for a long time, the government has to make a decision on the above recruitment after the repeated agitation, which has been teaching the students of Gujarat from the Department of Education.  Now let's look at how often the recruitment process is completed.

More than four lakh unemployed candidates will face Maidan as the education minister announces the hiring of teachers for the primary and secondary secondary government gated schools in the state.  In the recruitment process, more than two lakh unemployed candidates have to pass the TAT exam for the most awaited high school teacher.  As per the details, there will be approximately one lakh applications for the high school teacher.  In which some candidates will also apply in both secondary and higher secondary section. It is worth mentioning that, against the announcement of the 100 seats, 1,949 seats were filled.  In February this year, the primary department was recruited for three seats in the primary department, but the recruitment of high school teacher was not conducted from year 1 onwards.  These candidates also staged protests on several occasions.  This time it was planned to complete the recruitment process in December but announced the reason for the election.

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