1st October thi rajyama non-judicial physical stamp no upyog band thase

Use of non-judicial physical stamp paper will cease  from 1st October

 Use of non-judicial physical stamp paper will cease statewide from 1st October 2019;  Citizens will have to use the digital stamping facility.  The facility of e-stamps will be started in the office of the licensed stamp vendor, chartered accountant, company secretary, common service center and notary.  Citizens' documentation will be more secure, easier and faster.

Revenue Minister Kaushikbhai Patel has said that the state government has issued a statement before the state government that it is trying to deceive the citizens by raising the cost of stamp paper and artificial scarcity of traditional stamp paper sold through stamp vendors.  Made the important decision to increase trade.  Taking this decision, the state government has made another decision, stopping the use of non-judicial physical stamp paper across the state from October 1, 2019, and has made the important decision to follow only digital stamping.  The Revenue Minister added that Chief Minister Vijay Dhivakarbhai Mahayyas has made it easier to make digital India's innovative approach to the maximum utilization of technology provided to the citizens by the then Chief Minister and the then Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  When this  Naya will also be important for citizens.  The Minister added that since e-stamping facility for citizens getting no stamps due to termination of physical stamp service or payment of stamp duty from 1st October 2019, financial institutions or units under the control of Schedule Banks, Central and State Govt.  , Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, C&F Agent at Port / Port  , Common Services Center operating under e-governance plan, RBI registered non banking financial company and license notary, persons / entities who can apply for registration at the office of stock holding corporation of that district.

Sup.  These centers will be able to provide digital e-stamping facilities after the off-stamps allow these individuals / institutions to be appointed as Acc (Authorized Collection Centers) for e-stamping.  Citing the benefits of digital stamping, Minister Patel added that when citizens have to pay stamp duty, they can get the required digital stamp certificate by paying the required amount of stamp duty from the Authorized Centers of Digital Stamping.  In addition to the names of the parties, details of the document as well as details of the document amount will be displayed.  The holder of the digital stamp certificate can also be certified by the holder of the certificate on-line as well as through the mobile application.  So, there will be no scope for fraud or duplication of stamp certificates.  Mr. Patel added that with the implementation of digital stamping system, a unique certificate number will be generated for payment of stamp duty under this method which will be authenticated by the Subregistrar Office at the time of registration of the document.  So, the registration of the document will also be protected.  In addition, as the availability of this record is on-line, it can be verified at any time and proof of it can also be obtained.  In addition, like the physical stamping method in the digital stamping system, the issue of refund will not arise for citizens who are exempted from the requirement to purchase blank stamp paper in advance.  

Also, there will be facility to pay stamp duty of any amount as needed.  Determining that various options will be available for payment of e-payment stamp duty of the government, the revenue minister added that besides cash for payment of stamp duty to citizens, various options like RTGS, net banking, on-line payment will be available.  Due to the increasing business and online services of this service, citizens will be able to easily avail of stamp duty whenever they have to pay stamp duty from the Authorized Vendor of nearby digital stamping or from banks.  With the launch of e-stamping facility centers in the state, citizens can get their stamp duty at their nearest place, at any time by attaching a stamp paper-like certificate and registering their article, he added.


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