Tat Bharati babat good news navi Bharati thoda time ma aavse.

Tat recruitment babat good news. Tat Bharati thoda samayma aavse. Tat pass umedvaro ae have Bharti mate vadhare rah Jovi nhi pade. Tat Bharati babat good news report. Tat recruitment anvaye Bharti prakriya mate s hool na vidhyarthioni yadi mangavama aavi.
 Recruitment of teachers in Granted and Government Schools, the Department of Education has asked for the number of classes and students from each of the schools.  Allocation of teachers will be made on the basis of number of students per class.  As a rule, additional classes are allowed based on the number of students.  If the schools do not have rules, then teachers will not be available to them.  Each district has been instructed to submit the number of students in addition to the number of reserved seats in the roster register.  So that every school in the district studied in its own classes Std.  Number of teachers for 9 to 10 per class.  5 stays, std.  The number of teachers in the 11 to 12 general stream is 2 per class.  5 and 2 teachers per class are allowed in the science stream.  But if the school is in constant flux.  If there is a 9 to 12 standard, 2 teachers per class get to the school.  Also, the allocation of teachers is based on the number of students per class.  The number of students has been asked to submit the roll in the district office.  Schools that demand teachers but if they do not have rules students will not be allocated teachers.

Tat Recruitment babat news report.

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