School ma shikshako ni tablet dvara biometric hajari levase.

 The Chief Minister mentioned the things including 100% on-line biometric attendance of teachers in the state and said that it has now decided to take the biometric attendance of teachers through 1 tablets per school. He added that the teacher family, who is giving time for the society, is the creator of future generation of power as well as of nationalism and character building. 

He also signaled the introduction of biometric attendance system in all departments in the coming days for regularity of attendance in the departments of the state government.  Shri Vijaybhai Rupani said that while the state government has allocated Rs. 30,000 crore For this purpose, the Chief Minister hailed the teaching profession as a Nobel profession. 


The Chief Minister  initiative of honoring six talented students and honoring the talented teacher of each cluster of elementary school with a talented teacher certificate at the end of the semester, highlighting the glory of Teacher's Day in Gujarat. Shri Vijaybhai Rupani also appreciated the contribution of teachers in the government's radical change in education.

 Education Minister Shri Bhupinder Singh ChudaSama gave a welcoming speech on the occasion of the celebration of Teacher's Day, saying that the ideal teacher and former President of the country Dr. Sarvapalli celebrates Radhakrishnan's birthday as Teacher's Day in five countries of the world, including India. Day Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was nominated for the Nobel Prize 2 times. Which can be considered a proud thing for a teacher.

 All over the country, the birthdays and birthdays of dignitaries are celebrated for some purpose. As part of this, Gandhi's 8th birthday is being celebrated on October 3rd this year. Let us be determined to give greater strength to the Prime Minister's Clean India campaign. He said that it is very important for the teacher to attain such qualities as discipline, honesty, punctuality, regular attendance. Although there is no special GR in education today, many teachers work very honestly and consistently over regular and regular time. Congratulations to him on this. We all have to create a national character. The teacher has the responsibility for the future formation of our children, he added.

The Minister said that the state government was committed to make maximum use of modern technology in education. The on-line presence of children and teachers, salary, attendance cards, income tax will be linked to technology. - Teachers have the power to solve the society's problems permanently. Save water, plant, cleanse the baby from infancy. Rituals like discipline - qualities that make a great citizen. Let us all be more committed to this nationalless work. The Minister congratulated the best teacher award winners and honored students who received the best marks on this occasion. On this occasion, the Governor and the Chief Minister were honored with the best teacher award for the year 1 - 3 teachers of the state. Of which 3 teachers of primary department, 1 of secondary, 2 of higher secondary, 4 in secondary / higher secondary principal category, education supervisor and H Tat have 1 - 3, c. RC , B. R . C. , Which includes 3 in the Mad Danish Teacher Supervisory category and 1 teacher in the Special Teacher category. E-launch draws of education department projects like online administrative work, web site based video conference, on-line biometric attendance system were initiated at the hands of Rajath Pal and Chief Minister. 

The Department of Education had signed agreements with various voluntary organizations working in the field of education, working with Sir Carr, to work with Sir Kar for his development. The head of California-based Facebook, USA-based Global Director of Facebook Education Partnership, Dr. Adam Seldov was special in attendance. | On this occasion last year, the certificates were conferred by the Governor and the Chief Minister as the best student of the students who got more than 5% marks in Gujarati, Mathematics and Science / Environment in the annual examination of standard 1 to 7 and last year. It is worth mentioning that, 3, 5 talented students have been selected from all over Gujarat. 

The tablet was distributed symbolically to the teachers in the presence of the dignitaries present on the occasion as part of implementing the biometric online attendees system in the state. Secretary of Education Department Dr. Vinod Rao said thanking the Education department that the education department is now committed to attend the state schools after 5% nomination. Shri Rao all honored with the award! The teachers and students were congratulated. - On this occasion Mrs. Vivariben Dave, Minister of State for Education. Principal Secretary Education Department, Mr. Anju Sharma, Chairman of the Board of Secondary Education Shri A. J. Shah, Director of Primary Education Shri Mahesh Joshi. Higher education officials, academics and a large number of teachers were present. 

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