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Gujarat sarkar dvara levama aavti vividh sarkari bharati ni pariksha mate Gujarat general knowledge khub j upyogi che. Gujarat no itihas, Gujarat nu bhugol, Gujarat kala ane sanskriti, Gujarati sahitya etc ne deep ma abhyas kari sakay mate aaje Gujarat nu general knowledge moti pdf mukeli che. deep ma reading kari sakso. 

* Know the meaning of currents in IPC ..... *
 * Section 307 * = attempted murder
 * Section 302 * = Punishment for murder
 * Section 376 * = Rape
 * Section 395 * = Robbery
 * Section 377 * = Unnatural acts
 * Section 396 * = Murder during robbery
 * Section 120 * = Conspiracy
 * Section 365 * = Kidnapping
 * Section 201 * = Deletion of evidence
 * Section 34 * = Goods intent
 * Section 412 * = Cheering
 * Section 378 * = Theft
 * Section 141 * = Unlawful Deposition
 * Section 191 * = Falsification
 * Section 300 * = Killing
 * Section 309 * = Suicide attempt
 * Section 310 * = Fraud
 * Section 312 * = Abortion
 * Section 351 * = Attacking
 * Section 354 * = Female shame
 * Section 362 * = Kidnapping
 * Section 415 * = Trick
 * Section 445 * = Home discrimination
 * Section 494 * = Re-marriage during the lifetime of the spouse
 * Section 499 * = Defamation
 * Section 511 * = Penalties for attempting to commit offenses punishable by life imprisonment.
 There are some such legal facts in our country, due to which we do not have information, we remain vulnerable to our rights.

    So let's do something like this
 * Five interesting facts * give you information,
 Which can be useful anytime in life.

 * (1) Women cannot be arrested in the evening * -

 Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, section 46, after 6 pm and before 6 in the morning, the Indian police cannot arrest any woman, no matter how serious the crime is.  If the police is found doing so, a complaint (case) can be lodged against the arresting police officer.  This can put the job of that police officer in danger.

 * (2.) Insurance cover up to Rs 40 lakh can be claimed on loss of life and property due to cylinder burst.

 Under the Public Liability Policy, if the cylinder breaks in your house due to any reason and you have to face loss of life and property, then you can immediately claim insurance cover from the gas company.  Tell you that an insurance claim of up to Rs 40 lakh can be made from the gas company.  If the company refuses or postpones your claim then it can be complained.  If found guilty, the license of the gas company can be canceled.

 * (3) Any hotel, even if it is 5 stars… You can drink water for free and use the wash room * -

 According to the Indian Series Act, 1887, you can go to any hotel in the country and ask for water and drink it and can also use the wash room of that hotel.  If the hotel is small or 5 stars, they cannot stop you.  If the owner or any employee of the hotel prevents you from drinking water or using the wash room, then you can take action on them.  Your complaint may cancel the license of that hotel.

  * (4) Pregnant women cannot be fired * -

 According to the Maternity Benefit Act 1961, pregnant women cannot be suddenly removed from their jobs.  The owner will have to give three months' notice and pay some part of the expenses incurred during pregnancy.  If he does not do so, then a complaint can be lodged against him in the Government Employment Organization.  This complaint may lead to closure of the company or the company may have to pay a fine.

 * (5) The police officer cannot refuse to write your complaint *

 According to Section 166A of the IPC, no police officer can refuse to register any of your complaints.  If he does so, then a complaint can be lodged against him in the senior police office.  If the police officer is found guilty, he can be imprisoned for at least * 

(6) * months to 1 year or he may have to lose his job.

 These are the interesting facts that come under the law of our country, but we are unaware of them.  It will be our endeavor that in the future, we will keep such interesting things in front of you, which will be useful in your life.



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