17.09.2019 Gujarat na tamam Jilla ane city vistar ma '' Namami Devi Narmade Mahotsav yojva babat paripatra.

The Sardar Sarivar Dam, constructed on the Narmada river, is being completed in the state of Gujarat. After the completion of the construction, the gates of the dam have been closed and for the first time the surface of the Narmada Dam .The water dam is fully filled up to 67 meter. the dam has reached its full surface on several occasions. Sardar Sarovar de Man goes, reaching the full surface of Rasht. 18 lakh hectare of land will be available for 8 AA in areas like Aijan, Kutch, Saurashtra, North Gujarat and protection against drought and what is the standard of living at home? It will provide valuable opportunities for health, economic affairs, social 9c tourism and environmental reforms all over the state.

 Government of Gujarat has decided, Circular! Video Conference held with the officers of Ridge District, Roko-8o0 Given the responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer sacivasrie, or Ta. 5 7 - g9 - above all the district seat of 2019. Municipal kaupiresana, municipalities and district headquarters vagara "Namami divine.

NARMAD Festival program will be central to celebrate. The program will be celebrated in the vicinity of a local river, or reservoir, lake, dam, etc. The program will be held on the theme of Narmada, a master guru's program, in favor of the sports, youth and cultural activities department of the government over Narmada. Songs created will have to be played. The college will have to keep college university students in tatters.

In every program, a very good Narmada culture program should be organized at the district level. The program should be performed in the presence of the Minister in charge and the Secretary in charge. And the honors in this program. Members of Parliament, ears, legislators and all local leaders of the district will be invited. | At the end of the program, the tree planting program will be organized by the dignitaries and distribution of cloud lads in the form of a snack to all those present. Also included are detailed instructions on the program according to the annexure - keeping in mind that the program will have to be done. Regarding the program of Namami TV Narmada Maa, the officials concerned said that the cottagers, the municipal commissioners, the district development officers prepared their district planning. 


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