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G-Shala Mobile App Download: The full name of G-Shala App is Gujarat Student's Holistic Adaptive Learning App. The field of technology is booming, with travelers and IT. The field of education is at the forefront, which also brings all the benefits to the field of education. 

The new building of Command and Control Center started by the government for digitalization in education was inaugurated by the Chief Minister today.  On this occasion, the government has launched G-Shala application for home learning-online education for students of Std. 1 to 12. In which students will get e-content of all standards-all subjects.

 The government has started a command and control room in Gandhinagar to monitor the performance of teachers and attendance of students as well as assessment in government and grant aided schools. In a short while, a new building has been inaugurated today.

 The new control center building has been prepared with advanced technology to oversee the structure of 5400 primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, more than 3 lakh teachers and over one crore students in the state.

 The data in this center will be analyzed with machine learning, visual power sequence tool and online real time attendance of teachers and students at state level can be known.  Content and learning management systems have been developed.

 More than 56 lakh students of Std. 1 to 12 with smartphones will be able to study from different modules through G-Shala application.  It is important to note that the government, which is unable to conduct timely examinations, recruit, declare results and is always clumsy in making educational decisions, has good command only in the openings and controls in making important educational decisions.

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 Control rooms are launched by the government, applications for home learning are launched and new digital experiments are done but there is no alternative solid education system for poor children who do not have smart phones or TVs as well as RTE admission process for free education to poor children is still  No addresses.

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