Evidence required for ration card splitting or separation

 Leaving home for rationing is a compulsion and standing in the ration line is not risk free. In such a situation, the government has provided many facilities to the people.  You can order rations from your mobile from home.  You can book only through mobile The government has launched a mobile application called Mera Ration App.

  The mobile application is part of the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme initiative launched by the government.  So let us tell you about this application, to understand the whole process from download to ration, first you go to Google Play Store in your mobile.  Find the Mera Mera Ration app in its search box.  Install the application.  After downloading the application, you have to register your ration card in it.

Evidence required for ration card splitting or separation

  Proof of residency (any one)

 1. Lightbill / Wearable

 2. Assessment form in case of ownership

 3. Reach of property tax

 4. In case of rent, lease agreement, consent of landlord and proof of property

  5. Copy of property card

 Proof of identity

  1.Driving license

  2. Aadhaar card

 Other evidence

 1.Original rerancard

 Evidence required for service

  1. Kumu letter if applicable

 2. Receipt of revenue

 3. Notarized genealogy

  4. b.  P.  Proof of support if you have a name in the list from 31 to 5

 5. Certified copy of will

  Where to get the form and where to apply?

 1. Which is the zonal office of the supply department / Mamlatdar's office / taluka development officer's office,

Form Download now

 2. Or you can apply from digitalgujarat website.

  3. You can use the link below to download the form,