Gujarat government announced Holi-Dhuleti guideline

Holi-Dhuleti guideline in gujarat

The state government has also imposed some restrictions on the Holi festival amid the Corona epidemic in the state. The Surat and Ahmedabad police commissioners then issued a notification informing about the matter. The Holi and Dhuleti festivals are to be celebrated on March 28 and March 29, the Surat police commissioner said. People have been instructed not to gather on the Society's streets and other places as well as in public to celebrate the festival. In addition, the city has banned people from collecting money in the name of the festival in different ways. It is forbidden to throw colored water, mud and oily objects on a person.

 Anyone violating this rule will be prosecuted.

અહીં ક્લિક કરીને સમાચાર જુઓ

 Ahmedabad Police said in a press conference that care would be taken not to gather people during the Holi program and those attending the Holi Dahan program would have to abide by the rules of social distance and mask. In addition, Dhuleti has been banned from being held in public. On the occasion of Dhuleti, money is collected on public vehicles and other properties for pouring colored water, mud-swamps etc. and on the public roads for Holi Dhuleti festival through some citizens. This money is also collected for prasad or any other reason.

Has been banned In addition, during the Holi program, all the people have been instructed to complete the program before nine o'clock at night i.e. before the curfew and reach home. Special recommendation has been made not to hold a mass dusting program in public. During the festival, 12 DCPs, 15 ACPs, more than 175 police inspectors and police sub-inspectors, more than five and a half thousand police personnel and 11 SRP troops and about 3000 home guards and two RAF companies will be stationed in Ahmedabad during the festival.

 Apart from this, arrangements will also be made at different points in Ahmedabad city for the peaceful celebration of Holi-Dhuleti. In addition, all the operations will be monitored by the police through CCTV cameras. Violations of the rules will be reported to the local police and action will be taken against those who break the rules.

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