Read the announcement regarding fireworks in Gujarat, otherwise you will get in trouble

 Gandhinagar: Amid the Koro epidemic crisis and air pollution problem, the Gujarat government has also issued strict guidelines for setting off fireworks on Diwali, Christmas and December 31 celebrations.  Violation of the rules will result in legal action.  In view of the Corona crisis and the seriousness of air pollution, many states, including Delhi, Rajasthan and West Bengal, have banned the use of fireworks during the Diwali festival.

 Rules of Gujarat Government for cracking

 After the ban on fireworks in five states due to the increasing number of Kora transitions, the big question was whether fireworks could be set off in Gujarat on Diwali.

 For this, the state government has issued a notification to the home department on the issue of fireworks.  According to which, fireworks can be set off only from 8 to 10 pm.  The Supreme Court's guideline will apply after 10 p.m.  The government has been instructed to comply with the Supreme Court order.

Firecrackers can be set off in the state only from 8 to 10 pm

 The implementation of the Supreme Court guideline will take effect after 10 pm

 Prohibition on import of fireworks

 Prohibition of fireworks in public

 Order to take action against those who illegally import, store and sell fireworks

 Instruction to all Collector and Commissioner of Police to issue restraining order

 Ban on cracking even in Christmas and New Year 2021

 The government has banned the import of fireworks from abroad in a notification.  Fireworks are banned in public.  An order has also been issued to issue an order under section 144.  Illegal import, storage, sale of fireworks is banned.  And to take action against such people.  In addition to Diwali, necessary instructions have been issued regarding the firing of fireworks during Christmas and the beginning of the new year 2021.  Following the Supreme Court order, the state government has banned the firing of fireworks in public.  All the district collectors and police commissioners of the state have been asked to issue restraining orders.

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