The Gujarat government has made a big announcement for the farmers

Very good assistance will be given to the farmers by the government.  The damage survey will now be completed in 15 days.  The Gujarat government today announced for the farmers that the state government would pay compensation on the basis of the survey.  Assistance will be paid as per SDRF standards.  Compensation will be paid against more than 33% loss.  He believes that the incessant rains have damaged the crops.
Agriculture Minister RC Faldu is announcing very good news for the farmers. The farmers who have been affected by the rains are a green wave for the people. The loss is more than 5%.  You can also read information in Gujarati about Gujarat Government Schemes. 
Apart from the information we are always giving you about the plans for government schemes information about the loan should also be given. 

Orders to start the survey work by the state agriculture department and revenue department have been given in the cabinet meeting today.  The government will assist all the affected farmers after the completion of the survey in the next fortnight.  Has given a call for the next two years.  More than 116 percent of the rain has fallen.  Water is overflowing from farmers' wells and boreholes.  Heavy rains have caused severe damage to crops.  But for the coming sun season and summer season, farmers will be able to take full advantage of this water.  Nature has provided enough water for the next two years.

On this blog you are given information about various loan schemes.  Home loan rules, bank rules, schemes about farmers, various exit schemes by the government will be informed.

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