RTO If you have a vehicle, find out what the government has announced in terms of vehicle documents

The vehicle owner or driver does not have to be bothered if any document related to the Motor Vehicle Act has expired or is about to expire during the current Corona period.  Because documents like driving license, fitness certificate, RC book can be renewed till next 31st December.
Due to the serious situation created by the Corona epidemic, the central government has extended the permission to renew important documents such as fitness, RC book, permit, driving license till December 31, 2020.  Which will also be implemented in Gujarat.  Earlier this time limit was extended to September.  Which has been increased again.

 The central government had earlier announced the decision to reduce office congestion due to the Koro epidemic and its increasing prevalence, but in some states, lockdowns and curfews are still in place, and the renewal of such important documents is stalled.

 During the lockdown due to the Koro epidemic, the Union Road Transport Ministry had ordered that the validity of expired licenses, RC books, all types of permits, fitness certificates, etc., be extended till June 30, 2020, then extended to September.  However, given the current situation, the government has extended the renewal deadline to December 31.

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari today announced an extension of the validity date of motor vehicle documents.  In the meantime, if any of the documents related to PUC, permit and registration of vehicles have expired, you can create new documents by December 31.  People whose driving licenses have expired can also renew their licenses by December 31.

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 The government had earlier extended the period three times during the lockdown.  While now the time for renewing the document has been extended for the fourth time, thus giving great relief to the public.  The ministry has clarified that there will be no charge for late renewal of vehicles from February 1 to December 31 if the time limit for documentation of vehicles has expired.

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