Will there be another lockdown from August 1st? Hint given by Modi government regarding speculation?

Amid the Corona epidemic, there is speculation in the media that there will be another lockdown from August 1.  Then PM Narendra Modi is to meet the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country today.  At that time, some media persons are raising the question whether PM Modi will implement lockdown in the country again or not.

Unlock 2 is coming to an end on July 31. There is speculation that the lockdown will be implemented again from August 1. Let me tell you that the Modi government has not given any indication that the lockdown will be implemented again in the country.  While Unlock-2 ends on July 31, Unlock-3 will be implemented from August 1.

 🔹These places can open in Unlock-3!

 In Unlock-3, schools and educational institutions will remain closed.  Apart from this there are possibilities of getting permission to open gyms and movie theaters.  Gym across the country is currently closed but can now be relieved.  The Delhi government may also open the gym from August 1.

 Their owners and people were extremely upset when the gym closed.  The owners said the liquor stores are open, but the health gym is closed which is not good.  Exhibitions were also held at several places across the country.  Cinema halls may be opened in the rest of the states as well as in the capital Delhi. 

Like you have to sit down and leave the seats.  There will be no entrance without a mask etc.  Cinema hall owners are said to be ready to start a theater with 50% of the audience.  However, the ministry wants cinema halls with 25% capacity to be opened initially and strict rules like social distance to be followed.

 The central government has repeatedly denied speculation of re-imposing a lockdown in the country.  Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan and Home Minister Amit Shah are also likely to be present at today's meeting with the chief ministers.  PM Modi decides to extend the lockdown only after discussing it with the chief ministers.

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