How to calculate your DA with salary calculator ?

The State Government has decided to provide 5% DA from 01/07/2019.  This DA will be paid in line with the salary of January - 2020, which will result in additional burden  The difference between the six months' da from July - 2019 to December - 2019 will be paid in three installments which will be decided later.
  hr minister added that according to this decision taken in the meeting of the Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani, other employees of the state government were given to the officers / employees and pensioners by the state government.  Seven of the benefits of the Finance Commission have been approved, according to which pay and pensions are currently paid.  He said that the officers and employees of the state government, panchayat and other grantable institutions and employees are being given the benefit of seven pay salaries.  Government of India  5% da approved from 01/07/2019.  State government officials and employees are being paid 12% in addition to their salaries.  The Government of India has also announced 5% da for Central Government employees from 01/07/2019, in which respect the State Government officials and employees have also decided to pay 5% da on a central basis and with the payment of salary for January - 2020 this.  5% da will be paid.

How to calculate your da with salary calculator?
Introducing a salary calculator where you can add basic salary statistics and find out the difference in DA.
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