Until 2005 the houses of the proposed society will be legalized.

Chief Minister Rupani informed the revenue department that the proposed building of the praposed housing society would be legalized till 2005.
  The state government has expressed its determination to legalize the my housing of the praposed housing society in Gujarat.  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has informed the Society Legislation will be issued to the State Revenue Department to legalize the houses up to Year 1 of the Society.  In addition, an order was made to set up an online system so that people could quickly legalize  my housing.

The praposed housing society will be available in one month in addition to the online application for legalizing my housing and low cost housing . Apart from the application, the state government has been striving to make the revenue department in Gujarat more streamlined and transparent.  So far, the state government has made decisions of more than 3 revenue departments, which has solved the problems of the people.  General The Revenue Department has been working with a positive attitude to ensure that individuals have to eat government documents and get documents easily through online service.  5 to 6 in Ahmedabad In the ceremony, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani played a role in the state government's decision to regularize informed societies, give my housing to urban poor in place of compulsion and ULC land.  The Chief Minister is in the process of regularizing the houses of the praposed housing society in the state It has instructed the charity organization society to legalize my housing and  senior housing Moreover, the Chief Minister not only made an online application for speedy legalization of the houses of this praposed housing society, but also to arrange the arrangement for getting online approval in a single month.  Also ordered.  The revenue department of the state has scanned eight million pages, so even if the land is now years old, an online excerpt of 1 will be found.

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