SBI Group personal accident Insurance policy

SBI Group personal accident Insurance policy for government officers/employees. Full information about SBI Group personal accident Insurance policy.
From the date of MOU to the account holder of SBI's Celery Package of India, a personal accident insurance of Rs. 30 lakh is available in case of death.  In addition, MoU has been made to cover a number of other benefits as stated in the Header Letter.  As well as the necessary details about the process of obtaining  claim, it is included.  So how many officers  employees get paid in the State Bank of India in your office?  Information on the same will be provided in the following statement in the following statement from the nearest Indian State Bank.  Name of Officer / Employee Account Number  Preparing the details of the amount of cash pay, the withdrawal officer should, in the case of possible, contact the manager of the State Bank of the city / district in person and send a copy of it to the office of the State Bank of India.  Tokyo General Insurance Company Limited with Mumbai.  And according to this agreement, if any officer / employee dies accidentally after 22nd / 01/2019 then this benefit is eligible.  According to the MOU not entitled to receive this benefit in natural death, the benefit will be eligible to receive the benefits according to these conditions from 22 /12/2018 to 21/12/2021 after which the appropriate MOU will be renewed.   As per the discussion at MoU, an account can be opened from Zero Balance and this account can be paid at least Rs. 30 lakh personal Insurance  General Chat  Lounge  Monthly salary up to Rs.5000 / - will be eligible for this benefit as well as Ss.  If any officer / employee is to be taken from SBI, this loan will be approved on priority basis.   Nomination of the heir to receive benefits as per MOU.  The concerned officer / employee will have to submit in the Eye and get this nomination as well as keep relevant records and  Responsible for renewing MOU after 22/12/2021.   Eye will be.  In any case, in addition to the cost of medical bills for the medical treatment taken from the date of accident to the date of the accident, the benefit of Rs. 30 lakh. 
SBI Group personal accident policy

This, in view of the above circumstances, the benefit of the police officer / employees in accordance with the terms of the MOU is that the officer - employee who operates the Saving / Salary package in the State Bank of India!  The beneficiaries of the package account holder will benefit from this scheme.  Contact the IT Manager and request that maximum number of officers / employees get this benefit.  In some cases SBI There will be an Officer / Employee Savings Account in But they would have to pay salaries to other banks.  The procedure for transferring such Savings Account to this Celery Package account.  B.  I will have to take further action.  Apart from this, some of the officers of the office of your office - the employee may be depositing the celery in another bank, the officer who is willing to do so.  B.  Opening an account in Eye can benefit from this scheme.  For further disclosure of this scheme, all the officers under the command of AAP will have to inform the employee and get a copy of this list by sending it to the concerned Pokcheri and read about the benefits in a continuous roll call for 3 days.  Also a copy notice board should be published.  according to the terms of the MoU.  If there is any disagreement with the concerned manager of AI, then this works. The relevant manager of the Eye will have to contact the mobile.

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