Primary teacher recruitment new rules by News Report

Organiser teacher recruitment Announcement of new rules for primary teacher recruitment . This rules of primary teacher recruitment by news report. The decision to prevent candidates from applying repeatedly.  New rules have been announced by organiser teacher recruitment in the primary teacher recruitment 2019.  
as per this advertisement, the primary teacher recruitment will be bonded.  The decision was taken by  organiser teacher recruitment the purpose of the new primary teacher recruitment 2019 was not achieved.   Bonds will be made in the primary teacher recruitment .

According to this decision, batting instead of selection of a candidate who has served as an primary teacher recruitment 2019. As a candidate, he will have to get a DEO's No Ojection Certificate and apply with the new application before applying freshly to get posting instead of selection.  After obtaining the new appointment, the security has to be submitted.  In 3 days, a bond of Rs 3 lakh will have to be introduced for three years.  As well as hiding current job information, the candidate's letter of candidature will be canceled.  In 30 days, Rs.  3 lakh securities will have to be submitted if the applicant leaves the job three years ago, only after the amount has been deposited in the government, which will be approved by the applicant's resignation.  It was decided to write a bond of Rs 3 lakh for three years within three days of receiving the appointment of new teachers or teaching assistants to prevent them from joining the new primary teacher recruitment 2019. About 5% of candidates in the primary teacher recruitment 2019 by the government and organiser teacher recruitment have been reported to be re-applying.  The matter was presented by several candidates.   Many candidates have been rejected by 10000 primary teacher recruitment.  Now 10000 primary teacher  recruitment is completed the candidates are waiting for the new Recruitment .  Just in time comes a new Recruitment.

In the process of 10000 primary teacher  recruitment many candidates filled out the form. Forms were filled for 10000 primary teacher recruitment from different state.
how to apply for ssa primary teacher recruitment 2019 ? candidates can apply online through ssa Official website and can apply for the post ssa primary teacher recruitment 2019. For more details about graduate primary school teacher recruitment 2019 stay on vachogujarat.com 


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