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We update daily the latest all kinds of government jobs in Gujarat and India.  We have also updated the various exam schedules.  Also answer key, insurance job, insurance scheme, result, question paper, eligibility and selection listings.  We provide currents Affairs GK, all important study material, general education, English grammar, Gujarati grammar, mathematics, science, history, geography, model papers, exam papers, GK.  In and video formats.  Office Fish Assistant Training CapabilitiesNo  GS / 19/2015 / BHRT / 10 - 2014/103837 / K: - On the basis of the use of the forces introduced by the condition of Article 309 of the Constitution of India and the significant number of rules made for it, Governor Gujarat sets standards thereby. Include the Office Fee Assistant in the Secretariat Departments' Secondary Assistance, to arrange for the appointment of Class III posts. These standards may be known as Class III, Workplace Assistants in the secondary assistance of the Recruitment Rules of the Secretariat Divisions.
The rules made for this, the Governor of Gujarat here make the following rules for the regulation of recruitment at the post of Class E, Assistant to the Office of Assistant, Class E, under the secondary service of the Secretariat Departments.  Appointment for the post of Assistant Office Class Assistant, Class E, in the secondary 2 service of the Secretariat Departments will be made by direct selection.  Rule.  To be eligible for appointment by direct selection on the post referred to in Rule 2, the candidate shall not be - 35 over 35 years;  (A) (b) holds a bachelor's degree from any of the universities established or under the Central or State Act in India;any other educational institution, recognized or recognized as a university under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, has the same equivalent qualification as recognized by the Government (c) has basic knowledge of computer

as indicated by Gujarat Civil Services Classification and  Recruitment (General) Rules 1967;  (D) English and Gujarati have speeds of no less than key૦૦૦ keys with hourly accuracy for data entry work;  And possesses sufficient knowledge of Gujarati or Hindi or both.  (E) The provisions of Rule 9A of the Gujarat Civil Services Classification and Recruitment (General) Rules, 1967 shall apply in respect of the candidate nominated by direct selection.  The direct candidate nominated by the candidate such.  Have to pass the exams and exams suggested by the government.  Candidates nominated by direct selection, in this form, will be required to issue 6 security and surety bonds, for the amount and for such period as may be prescribed by the Government.

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