Good news for government employees.

Central employees will soon receive the good news.  The government is considering raising the minimum salary of employees.  Sources said that various media reports said that after November 10, an important meeting of the government would be held in which several issues could be decided.  Wherein the minimum wage for employees empowered by the Central Government may be increased.  Keep visiting this website daily for more information.
As per the details of the information, the meeting may also discuss the subject of minimum wages of central employees.  If all goes well, good news can be found for government employees.  If the proposal is stamped at a cabinet meeting, it may be announced soon by the finance ministry.  Share with all the government employees involved.  Keep visiting to find such other information on this website.
However, according to the report, the government may have trouble making this decision.  Such information was found.  And the current economic situation is being told.  The government may be burdened. But other reports believe the minimum wage hike will be done before 2020.  Sources said the increase was to take place just before Diwali.  But the decision is delayed due to the recession and the economy.  It may be recalled that the central employees have long been demanding minimum wage hike under the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission.  If this approval is granted then there is good news for employees.

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