Good news for central government employees.

Good news will soon be available for central employees.  The central government can meet the demand of employees who have been demanding minimum wage for a long time.  The government can consider the demand of the employees according to the details received.  It is being reported that the Modi government can take a decision on raising the minimum celebrity this November.  There is a possibility that a cabinet meeting may take place this month.
 On the one hand, even though the government is considering raising salaries, on the other hand, it is also planning to tackle the economic downturn.  In addition to encouraging employees to increase salaries, the government is also trying to increase the spending capacity of the employees so that the economy can be in demand.

 Employees demand that the central employee fitment factor be increased to 3.68 times.  There is a demand to increase this CY minimum wage from 18 thousand rupees to 26 thousand.  Recently, the central government announced DA for employees.  This benefit will come from July.

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