Bin sachivalay Clerk exam result news

Four days scanning of binsachivalay clerk exam OMR and Result  Will be A month later the Chairman of the bin sachivalay Clerk exam Board said that the scanner of bin sachivalay clerk OMR sheet of all the candidates who started the exam has started.  Is debt.  The OMR sheet of candidates from Gandhinagar district and Ahmedabad district was scanned late today.  Since double scanning is done, it will take four days to scan the OMR sheet of all the candidates.  - Answers key will be announced tomorrow.  Then according to the candidates four times the total space  According to merit, more than 12,000 candidates will take the commuter exam and then final results will be declared based on the marks of the exam.
Bin sachivalay clerk exam Result news

In all districts of the state, a total of 3173 centers had written exams between noon to 12 noon. This was the last opportunity to become a government clerk for the 12th pass.  The Selection Board for the two selections, including the Non-Secretarial Clerk of the Service Selection Board, should be held on October 20 before the examination.  There was a problem.  But the examination was canceled by the congregation only a few days before the examination.  Std.  Instead of 3, there was a lot of panic throughout the state over the abruptly canceled exams to hold the special qualification up to graduation.  After which the government was ready.  Announcement to take the exam on November 17, with 12 pass qualifications,  Had to do.  Thus for Non-Secretariat, Clerk and Office Assistant Class - 3 Std. 12 This can be considered as the last time for 12 pass candidates.
There were 10.45 candidates registered from across the state.  Of these, approximately 65% ​​of the candidates appeared for the exam.  As the number of centers and candidates is high, the final number of candidates appearing for the exam and gay candidates has not been announced by the Board.  Which will be announced later.  Most in Ahmedabad district.  There were 1.67 lakh candidates.  At the last hour leaving the centers 48 thousand, there was some difficulty as the candidates' centers changed.  But as the exam time was late and the meeting arrangements were reached in time for the nearest centers to be formed by the congregation.

Bin sachivalay clerk exam Result news:-

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