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 TAT BHARATI ndws report.After the state government fixed the election but the grandsons of the unemployed teachers have been recruited for preparing for the last few years. The Code is amended, marrying in secondary and higher secondary schools.  - The school superintendent was in the process of getting approval from the government for recruiting the 5th, but the reason for the code of conduct has been sown on one of the three camps, the election commission's decision has spread enormous fury among the two dead candidates and in the fateful days, the candidates are furious.  Schnee Poo is about to be introduce wa has been found.  Recruitment of teachers at Secondary and Ugajar Mick School by becoming a Commissioner Office The process is.  On the ramp, for which vacancies were also prepared in each district.  It was also decided that a well in the state would have a seat as large as a jar.  Thus, after the meeting was adjourned to prepare him for Sati and the announcement was made in Madhya Pradesh this September, he is also planning to complete the TAT  recruitment by September.  But I have to decide to postpone recruitment of Nawar Raina by the Election Commission.

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