TAT Bharati Government Secondary and Higher Secondary Roster Register Related Official Letter.

TAT Recruitment Instructions are given for preparation and certification of new roster registers.  There was in TAT Recruitment some difficulty in preparing the roster registers of the Government Secondary and Higher Secondary Contributions of the State, at the end of which the roster register would have to be prepared by following the instructions, the remaining terms and conditions shall be as per the advanced reference.In TAT Recruitment  Things to keep in mind when getting a roster of government schools  Assistant Education Inspector, who is currently on duty in the district, has to leave in the Teacher Cadre in the district.  Place a roster order by appointment date.  (To show the total sanctioned establishment of Atlee Sh. And M Sh. Sum).  If a teacher is shifting from one district to another as Assistant Education Inspector, he should be given a roster rank by the deadline.  TAT Recruitment very useful news.
If a teacher has been transferred in the district where El Sap is on the roster, then the district's roster of Hull will be displayed in order.  If a teacher has changed in the district where El Sap is going to be a roster, then the roster will have to be displayed in the original district, and note that the replacement has been made.  Prepare the roster register as per the above instructions and be present at the following date and time.  The name of the district allotted to date is , Patan, Botad, Ma-1 Valli, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Morbi,  tc Land - d Dra૨a, Jamnagar, Anand, Kheda, Panchamahal, |  Sabarkantha, Dahod, Valsad, Dang, Porbandar J Junagadh, Gir - Somnath, Banaskantha, Ahmedabad City  Surendranagar, Mehsana, Amreli, Chota - Udpur, Mahisagar, Vadod 1, Navda, Nawasari, Nara, Nawasari, Bharu.  Shach, Bhavnagar, place - S.  T  T  I, Sector - 1 Gandhinagar Time - 1: 00 hrs.  As per the instructions given in the letter dated 9/4/6, we will send the details of the vacancies of Government Secondary / Higher Secondary Schools in your district with the issue staff on the following date.  SH District Name |  A3, Patan, Botad, Aravalli, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Morbi, Desh Land - Dwarka, Jamnagar, Anand, Kheda,  Junagadh, GI Somnath, Bena 1 Sada Sakhantha, Amda Sakantha, Amna Sakantha, Amna |  - Surendranagar, Mehsana, Ammati, Chhota - Udeepu 1, Mahisagar, Vadodara, Navsari, Surat, |  Panchamahal, Saba 1 Kantha, Dahod, Valsad, Dang, Narmada, Tapi, Madach Ahmedabad Rural.  Bhavang-1, Porbandar .


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