TAT bharati babat good news. government secondary and higher secondary school ma Shikshan sahayak nu mahekam sudharvama aavse.

The Board of Education has sent a recommendation to the Government on improving the allocation of teachers in the secondary and higher secondary schools in the state.  According to the decision taken by the Board, additional teachers will be available in the general stream if there is a need for teachers in the main subjects, such as economics, psychology and logic. 
Besides, if there are two classes in science, there are four teachers besides important subjects Physics Chemistry, Biology, An additional teacher will be available in the mags if additional teachers are needed.  Importantly, a decision has been made in the business of the Board.  It will now be implemented after the approval of the government.  Secondary currently has a teacher's interest of one and a half instead of where only one of the 3 - 1 classes runs. No clarification has been made regarding the recruitment of the librarian.  Apart from this, it is not clear whether the library space is vacant in the 3, 6 flowers given as part of the consecutive unit.  Similarly, there was no clarification as to what was previously the provision of the Leba belt.  Where there is one and a half rasiya, there will be three teachers plus one principal.  Where one class is running from standard 1 to 3, there will be 3 teachers including the principal.  In schools where only one course of science is pursued - one extra teacher concerns.


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