Rajya sarkarna karmchario ne October 2019 no pagar vahela chukavava babat official Paripatra.

State Government employees have very good news for pensioners October 2019, the salary circular has been issued by the Department of Finance to pay the monthly salary before Diwali. have been made to pay the salaries of the government employees according to the staggering practice during the first three working days of the month after which the salary allowance is payable.  

Diwali festivals this year  Considering that the employees and pensioners can celebrate the festivities with joy and enthusiasm, starting on 25/10/2019, the state government has decided to pay the monthly salary allowance and pension payment for October - 2019.  Payment of salary allowance / pension of Government employees / Pensioners of the State Government for the month of October - 2019 as per the above decision.  As per the resolution of 13/10/93, instead of the first three working days of the month, the defaulters have been deprived. 
 Placing relaxation in the resolution of 20/04/93, dt.  21/10/19, dated 22/10/19 and d.  It is hereby decided to phase out during 23/10/19.  The resolution shall also apply to the educational as well as non-academic employees of the aided educational institutions, the employees of the panchayat service and the contractually appointed employees.


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