Rajya sarkarna karmchario ne 5 % D.A. vadharo kari aapva rajuat

GUJARAT STATE EMPOYEES CONFEDERATION To cover all the employees' boards of the state, the Mahamandal State Government employees were introduced to pay dearness allowances on the basis of the Central Government.  Diwali is close if the employees of the state government also get paid 5% inflation allowance.  Recently, the Central Government employees have increased the Mogwari allowance from 01/07/19 to 5% article.  Previously there was 12% DA which increased to 17%.  Useful circulars for government employees are placed on this website.  Check this website daily to get useful information for government employees.  Useful news that is publicized by the government is put in place.  Share government employees more so other employees can get news too.


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