Prathamik shikshako ne uchatar pagar dhoran babat news report.

The circular of higher pay standard of teachers of primary school teachers of finance department 1 is making noise of the promotion of teachers and loss of higher pay standard.  According to the information provided in this regard, the Circular of Finance Department 2019 has a direct impact on the promotion of education observers available to the teachers. The first higher salary of 3-year-old teachers is falling.  Promotions are available to teachers in the current Head Teacher.  Available only to teachers who are passing the H-TAT exam.  It is now unlikely that teachers will be promoted to a teaching supervisor or principal.  Due to which both promotion and higher pay standard both teachers have a disadvantage.  According to Article - (1) of the circular, the teachers should get the first 3 years higher salary standard of the headmaster or education inspector. Is.  An improvement in the pay-metric level is required as shown in the resolution of the.

 Teachers are appointed in Level 1 pay matriculation as per IS-7, according to ISIS 5, 6.  According to the current schedule, there is a salary scale of 1000 against Level-1 against Level-1.  The primary teachers' union has demanded that the salary payable in accordance with the previous sixth pay standard instead of level-1 be equal to the pay scale standard equivalent to level-1, as per the matrix.

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