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Under the Integrated Child Development Scheme running under the component (village) of Junagadh Taluka, Government of Child Development Planning Officer.  Anganwadi workers and Tadagar vacancies in temporary sanctioned centers have to be filled temporarily with honorary wages.  For this vacancy only the following candidates are the only local married women candidates. 
Icds junagadh Anganwadi worker bharati
Job details::
Anganwadi worker
Anganwadi helper

 (1) Minimum Std 10 pass and abovefor Ogadhwadi worker.  
(2) Minimum std 7 pass and above For Anganwadi Tedagar, 

Age limit::-
18 to 33

Candidate should be married to a local resident.  Also, an authentic copy of the marriage registration certificate must be attached to the application.  And marriage registration certificate in the application.  The details will have to be written.  Otherwise the application will be subject to cancellation.   Candidate should be 18 to 33 years of age on the date the advertisement is published.  (Submitting a Total Living Certificate for Support)  Candidates with physical / mental disabilities who may be disrupted in this service are not eligible.   The nominated candidates shall be paid honorary wages in accordance with the existing enclosure of the Government.   Where there is no house arrangement, the house of the Anganwadi will be arranged by the candidate himself.  According to the existing rules of the Government, the rent will be paid.    All the required certificates must be attached to the certified body of all certificates required with the e-application.  And those who live in that village will have to support it.  (Election card, ration card, Aadhar card) The candidate from the villages according to the list of exempted villages will have to join the village base.   Will be appointed in future. 

The village where the Anganwadi workers and Tadagar places are vacant.  The candidates will be selected.  Examples of Talati Minister Shri as well as ration card, Election card Aadhar card compulsory for local resident of village (Examples of submission of mandatory ration card, election card Aadhar card compulsory submission)   It is not possible to have a choice but it will be the candidates who will be selected by the selection committee. After the selection, the candidate will have to give a fixed bonus and the Civil Surgeon's F2 Fitness Certificate will be submitted.   The right of the candidate to opt out of the selection of the candidate shall be made to the Select Committee.   Candidates have to attach all the grounds of transient qualification, the date of birth (Rakul Living Certi.) To be residing in the village of Tajate with the increase application as specified in condition no.  Deadly rajipo z on the cheerleader.  Will have to.  In addition, the simple post will not take into account the incomplete details contained in the courier as well as the time-out requests.   After the closing of the application, the details of the applications received on the notice board of the mother's office and the rejection list will be placed for publicity.  All details of the application form must be filled out.  Except for the prescribed sample and the incomplete details, there will be commissions.  As well) The ward for which the anganwadi worker J Tadigar applied to be admitted must be clearly written on the red umbilical cord.   Candidates will need to know their husbands name and local ward / village address in the voting card / election card.  The local village address should be available for the newly elected candidate.  (In the list of exempt terms, the candidate of the VMs who will be attached to the village premises.) Otherwise the application will be subject to cancellation.  Candidates have compiled the office of the Integrated Child Development Plan Officer, Junagadh, Taluka School no.  1, Many, many, nameless, office hours and office hours from the office to register the sample of HV in the publicity day of the publicity day in the day-3, register in the posh May.  General Chat Chat Lounge  General Chat Chat Lounge  For Taram Cherry, all certificates issued must be self-certified by applying pearls.  No prepayment will be accepted after the deadline has passed.

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