HTAT Mukhya Shikshak badli ange na nava niyamo PDF download

The government has published new rules for the replacement of  Head Teacher, download and share it with all friends.
Generally, the date of acceptance of the applications will be on the 1st Day of Direction, every year, but with the approval of the Principal, the primary education may be changed for a period of time for which reason has been registered, the same will be accepted on the web.  District-wise and Talukawi at the time this NGO was called.  The number of spaces must be specified.  Thereafter, they will be placed in selected schools with more students in selected taluka di.  Internal Transfer to the District: The Head Teacher, who is only acting in the District / Town Education Committee, is the one from the school who is pursuing the  From the date of enrollment to the online transfer camp till the last date, if unpaid leave is to be enjoyed then a full three) year off job must be completed.  District Fair Unilateral Change: For the eligibility of transfer to the new district from the district where the teacher / district education is in charge, the last date to apply to the Online Transfer Camp from the date of enrollment in the school as head teacher in that district, if any non-paid leave is suffered.  Subsequently, a minimum of five (five) years of employment must be completed.  Only one fee will be transferred to the district customs online.  On the date of the District Canal Camp Canal, it is the responsibility of the District Primary Education Officer to inspect all the vacant posts of the district available in his district and upload it online.  As per the resolution, the proportion of direct teachers and promotion of master teachers will be maintained in each district.  
When displaying online entries for District Fair, the concerned District Primary Education Officer must indicate 5% of the available vacant vacancies online in that district.  When determining this place, the first vacancies must be displayed online by adjusting the available vacancies in that district in the upper half of the respective student population.  (In this way, if there is an incomplete , then the complete number of df immediately after that number will not be displayed.) Note!  In case of head teacher being a surplus, they should be allowed in the schools where the surplus is done.


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