Gujarat GSRTC vibhag na karmachario na pagar ma vadharo

Another employee friendly decision of the state government was almost doubled the wages of employees based on the fixed pay of Gujarat Road Transport Corporation: Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel Benefits of more than 12,000 employees of the corporation: Increased burden on the state government.  The state government has almost doubled the salaries of employees of Gujarat Road Transport Corporation based on fixed pay.  Deputy Chief Minister Patel added that the Gujarat Railway Corporation has doubled the wages paid to its employees in various cadre.  This will result in additional burden to the state government.  As a result of this decision of the state government, S.  T  The employees of the corporation will be able to celebrate Diwali with the gift of Diwali.  The benefits of this decision will be realized from October 16, 2019.

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