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Travel claims regarding travel to Lakshadweep Islands under the Holiday Travel Relief Scheme.  Proposal for Assessment In case of State Government Employees / Officers, Vacation Tourist Relief / Home Tourism Relief Scheme has been taken up in (1) above.  Compiled instructions have been issued with a resolution dated 28/08/15.  Subject to para (b) of the resolution, provision has been made for the employees of the State Government to travel to Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands, which is located in India, on holiday tours.  In the aforesaid resolution, eligibility norms have been set for traveling by Andaman and Nicobar Islands by ship operated by the Shipping Corporation of India and as per the salary of the employee / officer, but no such provision was made for the journey to Lakshadweep Islands.  Lakshadweep islands are visited by the State Government employees / officers for the purpose of LTC and claims for travel expenses are made by the employees.  Since the agency did not recognize the ship operated by any agency / organization for the journey to Lakshadweep Islands and the eligibility provision was not made according to the employee / officer's salary, it has been noted that there are difficulties in approving claims for such travel.

Resolution of government og gujarat.
(1) At the end of the adult consideration, it is decided that travel made by the SOCIETY FOR PROMOTION OF NATURE, TOURISM and SPORTS (SPORTS) organization to travel between destinations in Lakshadweep Island under the Holiday Tour Relief Scheme shall be considered valid.  (2) Except in respect of eligibility based on the salary of the officer / employee for the claim of respectable travel expenses, only the travel expenses paid by the SPORTS organization shall be allowed according to the certification along with the certification along with the transportation cost and service tax.  If regulated, it will not be revoked.  When will be able to implement. (4) Consumer Finance Department. Made samananki resolution of 28/08/2015, all other provisions will remain unchanged. 

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