Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees Latest Circular

Latest circular issued for Government employees Download this circular.Circular on payment of inflation allowance has been issued for all government employees. Information about Government Recruitment is put on this website. You can find all recruitment information and half glasses. How much fees do you have to pay?
 knows all the information to apply online.
The inflation allowance to be paid to central government employees will be lower than current rates from July 1, 2019, with effect from 12% to 17% of basic pay but other salaries, such as special pay such as other salaries in NC. The inflation allowance will be a separate element of remuneration and will not be considered as salary within the limits of FR   ness૦ money and Abov's fractional income allowance can be rounded off to the next five rupees and a fraction of less than pa૦ money can be ignored. Payment of the dearness allowance (from January to March) will be insane .

Delivery of salary before November, 2019.   These orders will also apply to civilian passengers paid from the Defense Service Estimates and the charges will be charged to the concerned Head of Defense Service Estimates in respect of Armed Forces personnel and Railway personnel, respectively, by the Ministry of Defense and the Railway Ministry.   As far as the relevant employees in the Indian itit and accounts department are concerned.


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