Bin sachivalay Clerk bharati babat dhoran 12 pass mate good news.

bin sachivalay bharati dhiran 12 pass vada umedvaro pan pariksha aapi sakse. nayab mukhyamantri nitinbhai patel dvara sauthi mahtavni jaherat. 12 pass vada umedvar mitro aa pariksha aapi sakse. call letter pan kadhi sakase. navi tarikh pan jaher karvama aavi che.

- All the candidates who have registered students - Students who have registered before will be able to take the exam.  Examination will be conducted at 3171 Examination Centers announced earlier: From today onwards students will be able to download the collateral.  Held on November 17 - 2019.  All students who have already registered will be able to take the exam.  Now the standard - 12 pass and graduate youth will also be able to take the exam.  Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel added that the sensitive government led by Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani had issued a letter to the students of the state - the youth, the preparations made by the youth, the MLAs, and the various decisions made by the various institutions to fulfill the aspirations of parents.  Is.  The Deputy Chief Minister added that the government has made the annual recruitment calendar by cutting the hiring cuts that the previous governments had put in place to enable the youth to join the government service and accordingly the recruitment process has been carried out for the last several years.  Over the past year, more than 6,200 youths have been enrolled in government services, benefiting the people in providing better government work.  The recruitment process was conducted by Gujarat Secondary Selection Board for non-secretarial cadre for 5 different places.  But with the advent of the general election code of conduct, the recruitment process is postponed.  In addition, the state has a 4% economic reserve law created by the central government.  With the intention of benefiting the youth, Gujarat  W  S.  Quota was first implemented nationwide.  W  S.  Provisions have also been made for recruitment of candidates for government service.  He added that the decision has been taken in the interest of the youth, as more than 5 lakh youths have made preparations for the examination even though the graduation notification has been dropped by the general administration department.  The examination will be conducted at 5 examination centers in the state as announced earlier.  For this, no new registration will have to be done by the youth.  It is worth mentioning here that Govt.  P.  S.  C.  Various exams are organized by Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board and Gujarat Panchayat Selection Board.  In which young people are given jobs by selecting them with full transparency.

New exam date:: 17/11/2019

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