Bin sachivalay and office assistant exam date postponed

Bin sachivalay clerk ane office assistant ni pariksha rad karvama aavi. gujarat gaun seva pasandgi mandal gandhinagar dvara agau thi date 20.10.19 jaher karvama aavel hati. je pariksha board dvara official notification bahar padel che. parikshani date pachi jan jan kma aavse.

is what I have come to know.  Companies keep abreast of what their work should be.  At the same time, the social framework of Finland is where people enjoy life.  However, it is not as if PAPA itself is organized in that framework.  Some believe that ranking in their own favorable position loses the opportunity to sit down with employees.  Yes, for companies where people go to Assisi, even for lunch hour, here in the US, people do not eat sandwiches and fill their stomachs when traveling on work.  There is an hour to troll here.  In this way, it is necessary to work 3 raks per week.  Even if it supports your sanuka.  Similarly no one works in July.  Just.  Summer Wackerin is just about to have fun.  Everybody has been eating guards in Creland since the 5th.  You have to work 3 hours a week, but you can do it from there and when you can.  One of the purposes behind this is to reduce Auxi stress.  Doing so can deepen an employee's talent.  Working at a favorable time, .e people believe that their productivity has increased.  This way

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