Amod dist. Bharuch Anganvadi Worker bharati.

recruitment For Anganwadi Centers in the following areas of villages, under the Government's Integrated Child Development Scheme in S, Amod component.  Wadi WorkHelper Sisters Vacancies  Resolution No. of Government for Vacancies vacant upto 1-3-8: ICD-1/2-B.  According to the rules prescribed by the Resolution of 1-3-8, the application form has been requested from the married and local resident women candidates from the rural area in fixed sample.  Application along with the prescribed sample form along with the certificates as per the list mentioned in the form and other certified Papers, from the date of publication of the application day - 2 (Twenty) only.  D.  Since then, the office of the Child Development Planning Officer has to be forwarded to Amod.  Detailed information on this and application form can be obtained from the Office of the Child Development Planning Officer, Amod, and from the Gram Panchayat and the Anganwadi Center.  The certified copies of all certificates of incorporation with the application must be included in the Frazier.  Educational Qualification: - (1)  Y  Worker (Worker Minimum Educational Qualification) SSC Pass (1) No.V.Helper (Tadagar) Minimum Academic Qualification Standard - 1 (Seven) Pass which will not be processed in accordance with the rules that do not get qualified candidates in that village.  - The date of advertisement should not be less than 3 years and not more than 3 years.  (1) In the future vacancies, vacancies will be given on the basis of waiting vacancies.  Original Certificate of Marriage Registration has to be submitted .Amod incident Anganwadi worker J helper vacant and possibly vacant.  Ranum name and area are as follows.

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