TET 2 today's news report.

Tet bharati babat news report. umedvaro 1 October dharna karse.
Candidates to hold demonstrations in old secretariat Gandhinagar  Recruitment of 3262 candidates after taking the TAT-2 exam in the year 2017 by the state government  As many as 47,000 candidates are not recruited even though they have TAT-2 pass, hence the candidates will hold demonstrations and hold at the old secretariat in Gandhinagar on October 1 at 11 am.Regarding recruitment, the candidates have consistently presented to the education department officials, including Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudas, but without making any announcement of recruitment, they will make an appearance.  |  47,000 candidates are deprived of their jobs after taking the exam in 2017. 

 On the other hand in the primary schools of the state Candidates say there are 8 thousand vacancies.  Education department officials guaranteed recruitment to candidates, but did not recruit.  Hence the candidates submitted the Tat-2 pass by the women candidates, but the recruitment process is not yet done.  That is why on October 1, Tat-2 pass called for a large number of candidates to appear.

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