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TAT ni bharati thoda samay ma karvama aavse. bharati prakriyani kamgiri aagal chali rahi che. Gujarat madhyamik ane uchtar madhyamik shalao ma shikshako ni mahekam ni vigat moklva ange paripatra thai gayo che. kaya kaya subject ni vigato mangavel che te umedvaro jani sakse. TAT bharati babate bija news mate vachogujarat.blogspot.com ni visit karta raho.

This is what every person wants in life. Home, job. Lifestyle or incomplete appearance should change, but neither can relationships. Chat Lounge Not everything is perfect for every person or person. Even in the pursuit of perfection we cannot enjoy what we have, and often the attempt to change without fully understanding anything leads to failure. If we try to understand rather than change relationships, our grievances and dissatisfaction will automatically be cut in half. If you understand the relationship, then it will not be strong. Pay attention to the following steps to understand relationships.

Not every variation may be acceptable in relationships. The legislator could be the ax to break those ties. For example, a wife who hates lying is more reliant on transparency and integrity in relationships, but her husband has a habit of lying to her. He can cheat with his wife very easily. Now in such circumstances, if the wife is impatient and hasty, she will accuse the husband of lying and cheating. They will quarrel and cause a rift in the relationship, but if the wife is determined, she will think
In a relationship, it is often fun for both parties to break the ball. By and large, the original problem is created by arguments, excuses, deceptions and accusations. 


According to the Gujarati proverb a sad stomach and a broken head create such a mold. Let us understand this with a simple example. A husband is a bit conservative and his wife is a bit bold, even talking to her husband's friends or other relative men, sometimes hesitating to touch or even blow. If the husband does not like this, but does not dare to say clean to his wife, then the husband may express his anger at cooking - hygiene or personal matters. The wife was smart. One day the husband swore and asked what your problem was. Then the husband said the truth. Wife laughs, okay, I won't do anything you like, but one thing you do understand is that talking to someone with a smile does not make a person bad. The wife learned to control her bold beehive in the presence of an athlete's husband. There is no separation between the two. Only if the arrow of resolution is applied to the mark of the dispute can the result be obtained. Otherwise, other small things will gradually become bigger.

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