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TAT bharati babat news. date 20.09.2019 ni jilla shikshan adhikari ni meeting yojvama aavse. aa bethk ma important point ma TAT new recruitment babat no point pan samiksha bethak no muddo hato. TAT bharati september month ma karvama aavse aeva news agau thi aavi gayel che. bharati prakriya mate Roster register pan pramanit karvani kamgiri purn thay gayel che.

Whenever a woman is born out of the bondage of wealth, the question of her own wealth, ie, ejaculation, arises.  When the husband permits the wife.  When a saddle mates or divorces, it becomes a confusion as to how to keep a wife from her husband or to take her from her husband's house.  In such a case, the wife has to apply to the court to obtain her marital status and fight for her female officer.  

In the court, the wife has to provide proof of the amount of marital status she has and prove that she owns it.  Hindu law gives women a right to property.  In this case, the woman has the right to own and only the woman and in any case, such as if the woman is widowed or divorced or chooses to live alone, this woman will remain with her and her husband, father or son will not be entitled to it.  General Chat Chat Lounge  At the time of marriage, cash flows or cash given to any woman before marriage and after marriage are considered as female.  

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