Primary School STD 3 to 8 Semester 1 exam time table declared

Primary school ma std 3 to 8 ni semester 1 ni pariksha nu time table declare thai gayel che.
According to it, students studying in elementary school are required to acquire perceptive knowledge rather than vocabulary.  The purpose of the textbooks will be kept in mind if the students acquire such knowledge.  Assessment of students should include knowledge, understanding, yield and skill questions.  In view of this, the question papers for all the subjects of the first semester examinations 1 to 9 for students studying in the primary schools of the state will be given to you through the District Education and Training Center in your district.  Printing of question papers will be done at district level only on a per-year basis.
semester 1 std 1 to 8 exam tume table vise balko ne mahitgar karo . exam ni sari aevi preparation karavo. Will have to do.

  1, Examination of all subjects of all standard in schools in which the shift system is implemented must be conducted in accordance with the schedule given in Gujarati medium.

2.  If the local leave is given by a district on the dates indicated in the examination time sheet, then the leave should be canceled and the examination should be taken according to the schedule.

3.  You will be responsible for maintaining the severity and confidentiality of the exam.

4.  Puff of paper, language education will be the responsibility of District Education Committee / Corporation.

 5.  In Std. 3 and 4, students have to write the answers in the question paper.

 6.  Students of Std. 5, 6, 7 and 8 have to write the answer separately from the pen in the north

7.  Examination tools for physical education, arts and other subjects have to be prepared locally.
8.  Std in the social sciences.  2 and std.  India and Std.  2 will include the question of filling the details in the map of the world.  For which the required bank maps will have to be arranged at the local level.  Std.  Arithmetic will have to be arranged in Mathematics of 1 and 2.
 9.  During the examination, one teacher has to be assigned the supervisor's work to every other teacher of every school in every five blocks (Examination 6).  Generally, the pay center is often told to arrange arrangements for non-departure of teachers while shifting the observers. In the general case, the supervisors will have to be careful not to switch over.
10, Examination of 5% of the exam respondents has to be done externally which means that instead of the teacher of that school, the teacher teaching the standard / subject of the other school will have to give written order to the teacher and assign the assessment.  A.  Eg.  Allocations can be made as follows.

Someone "is a student of Std-1 to 3 in the school and Mathematics, Gujarati and Environment of Std-3 are three subjects. The Gujarati subject of Std-8 is" B "to the school teacher, Mathematics subject 'C" to the school teacher and environmental subject "  D "can be given to the teacher of the school for evaluation. Similarly, the subject of other standard can also be assigned to the different school teachers.   inspectors and allocation of external assessment work order and detail.  Regarding the responsibility of conducting, the talukas of the taluka belong to the primary education officer, the primary education officer of the taluka will have to maintain the register for this so that there will be no discrepancy between the respondents and their numbers.  The teaching officer will have to do and no problem in any place  If there is any discrepancy, it will have to be removed

11. Assignment of the respondents - It will be the responsibility of the head teacher of the school to deliver the concerned assessor on the day of completion of the examination or late on the next day.  To be transparently verified and delivered to the head teacher of the concerned school  Ese.  During the timeframe the respondents will have to be checked and care should be taken to ensure that no survivors are missing.
 13.  One and a half entries of this result will be made online.

The program and its detailed, instruction will be provided separately to the entire education campaign.  Follow the above instructions wisely.  The data entry has to be completed within the timeframe.

Std 3 to 8 Semester 1 timetable download

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